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Appetite Booster Kids Vitamin C 60 Gummies

The appetite booster for children supports a healthy appetite to get proper nutrition for optimal body development and growth. It also promotes immune system health and maintains energy levels.


✔️ For years, the most popular weight gainer on the market

✔️ Naturally enhances the sense of hunger

✔️ Ideal for individuals who have difficulty gaining weight or want to increase food intake

✔️ Vegan & Halal

✔️ The gummies contain a delicious orange flavor


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Most likely this sounds familiar to you: "I'm not hungry! Many toddlers (even some older children) at some point become picky eaters and have less of an appetite. And if they don't eat enough, they don't get the nutrients they need for a healthy and growing body.

The best solution? A natural, safe and appetite stimulating appetite booster developed specifically for children. Our formula supports children to get hungry naturally. Because the gummies have a delicious fruit flavor, your kids won't notice they are taking a vitamin.

The appetite booster:

- Supports a healthy appetite to get proper nutrition.

- Promotes immune system health.

- Maintains healthy energy levels.

- Great tasting fruit-flavored gummy vitamins - won't stick to your child's teeth.

- High quality vegan & halal gummies with natural vitamins.

- Contains no gelatin, gluten, shellfish, egg, fish, nuts, milk, soy and sesame. Free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

Recommended dosage:

Take 2 gummies per day (15-30 min before a meal).

Not recommended for children under 24 months of age. Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of children.

Additional information
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- Citron Medica (known for balancing the digestive system) - Clary Sage (promotes appetite) - Cinnamon (loaded with antioxidants) - Vitamin C (stimulates the immune system) - Pectin - Organic cane sugar - Organic concentrated apple juice - Organic tapioca syrup - Natural flavors - Tapioca starch - Organic fruits and vegetables (color)

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1 review for Appetite Booster Kids Vitamin C 60 Gummies

  1. Lieke -

    wow.... my child who never had appetite is now continuously looking for food. I am really super satisfied with the supplement. I can finally put my worries aside. Thank you very much for the fast shipping. See you soon!

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How does it work?

More appetite

In the first phase, the appetite stimulant stimulates your appetite in a noticeable way. This means that you will experience an increased sense of hunger, which may manifest itself in a greater interest in food and an increased willingness to eat. This heightened sense of hunger can sometimes be surprising, especially for people who normally have trouble inducing appetite or who are dealing with decreased appetite due to stress or other factors.

Calorie increase

Phase 2 of the weight gainer strategy addresses increased appetite. This means that you will not only eat more often than usual, but also increase portion sizes. This can manifest itself, for example, in doubling the portions. This approach allows the body to get more calories and nutrients, which is essential for weight gain and muscle building.

Weight gain

Stage 3 is the crucial phase in the process: final weight gain. In this phase, the effects of the increased food intake and modified dietary habits begin to show. After the period of building a greater appetite and increasing portions, the body will now begin storing more calories, leading to weight gain.

Frequently asked questions from our Bulkers

A weight gainer is a dietary supplement often used by people who have difficulty gaining weight. This product functions as an appetite booster, meaning that it helps increase natural appetite, making bulkers more inclined to take in enough nutrition necessary for weight gain. 

A weight gainer is a dietary supplement intended primarily for individuals who have difficulty gaining weight or muscle mass. It can be particularly useful for: Persons with a fast metabolism, athletes and bodybuilders, and persons who have difficulty eating large amounts of food.

It is highly recommended to exercise while using the weight gainer, especially if your goal is to build muscle mass and not just gain weight.

Results when using weight gainers can vary greatly among individuals. While some individuals notice changes quickly, such as an increase in appetite, which can often be seen within three days, others may take longer to see visible results. It is important to remember that everyone's body responds uniquely.

If your appetite decreases after you stop using the weight gainer, but you continue to eat healthy, balanced meals that meet your daily caloric needs, you are unlikely to lose weight.

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April 19, 2023
wow.... my child who never had appetite is now continuously looking for food. I am really super satisfied with the supplement. I can finally put my worries aside. Thank you very much for the fast shipping. See you soon!

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